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Word Chums

U.S. Release Date: September 13, 2012
Publisher: PeopleFun
Developer: PeopleFun
Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) 

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About Word Chums
At the root of any great game is great gameplay. Word Chums for iOS delivers a fun gaming experience that players of all skill levels will enjoy. For casual players, it adds a new dimension to an established genre. For core gamers, there is finally a word game that will meet their needs for depth, complexity, competition and fun. Word Chums goes far beyond other word building games with a plethora of features including: 

  • Games for 2-4 Players - Head-to-head, couples, teams,3-4 players, if it’s between two and four players, Word Chums has it.
  • The Chums - Oozing with personality, they bring the game to life. Have fun earning gear to outfit your Chum and expressing your style.
  • Streamlined Gameplay - Word Chums is a pleasure to play. See words validate instantly as you place letters and see the scoring badge automatically indicate word strength.
  • Familiar Word Building - Word Chums stays true to the classic word building gameplay you know and love, but adds new elements that make it fresh and even more fun.
  • Leaderboards and Top Chum Status - Earn experience points with each word played and level up to become the next Emperor. Show off your “wordly” prowess by climbing your way to the top of the weekly leaderboards.
  • Truly Social Gameplay - See how all your friends are doing from the friends list on the main screen. Experience a new level of collaborative fun by grabbing a teammate for a co-op challenge, or go up against another couple.
  • Hints – Use hints to point you to the location of a higher point word.
  • Core Gaming Experience - Word gaming and core gaming don’t seem to go together, but we actually did it. Word Chums has achievements, best-word challenges, leveling, player stats, leaderboards and much more. It’s a deep gaming experience that anyone can play and true gamers can attempt to master.
  • Learn a Little - Expand your vocabulary as you quickly experiment with new letter combinations and instantly discover new words. Tap any word to see its definition.
  • Optional Paid Version - The game is free, but if you want a quick boost and no ads, upgrade the App and get 1,000 in-game coins and we’ll banish the ads

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