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The News Runes of Magic: The War of the Dwarves
Runes of Magic: The War of the Dwarves
Chapter IV reveals a previously unknown battlefield, two new races and more

The closed beta servers for Runes of Magic: Chapter IV – Lands of Despair will be online for two more days. Hundreds of players have already experienced the diverse content of the highly anticipated chapter and have attempted to take down Annelia the Puppet Master and her father, Lord Grafu, the two final bosses of the instance. So far, no one has been successful.

The coming chapter also holds other hidden battlefields that players can look forward to exploring and conquering. Two previously unknown races will be unveiled: the Dwarves and the Rhinos. As the chapter unfolds, brave heroes will find themselves wrapped up in a story that explains the origin of the fierce rivalry between the two races. The images released today give a taste of what’s in store for players and raise new questions at the same time.

Why are these races engaged in such a bitter struggle? How will players be able to influence the outcome?

The true hatred between the Dwarves and the Rhinos is evident, yet it seems that once again there is a great power lurking behind the scenes, holding the reins and pitting the two races against one another. Who is it, and how did the situation come to war? Stay tuned for more information!

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New Screenshots are available at:
Login: presseaccount
Password: Presse4F1Pp


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