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The News Huge Sale on Fieldrunners 2 and the Original Fieldrunners for Big Update! (MobileGameWire)


Huge Sale on Fieldrunners 2 and the Original Fieldrunners for Big Update!

Update includes iPhone 5 support, new free version, holiday content, IAP for iPad, new weapons and update for original Fieldrunners for iPad!

CAMBRIDGE, MA – December 19, 2012 - /MobileGameWireSUBATOMIC STUDIOS has four exciting updates and four sales planned for fans today. These updates include free versions of Fieldrunners 2 and Fieldrunners 2 HD for iPhone and iPad, Fieldrunners 2 v1.4 update with new towers, holiday content, iPhone 5 support, and in app purchasing for iPad and the long awaited update for the original Fieldrunners for iPad. With all this new content going out, now is the time to join Fieldrunners fans around the world in the greatest tower defense experience available today for the cheapest prices ever! Don't forget to download both the free and full versions in order to get the Polymorph Tower for free!

FR2ShotFieldrunners 2 Free and Fieldrunners 2 HD Free

  • Five awesome levels for hours of action!
  • Lay your enemies to waste with powerful weapons!
  • Transfer your progress when upgrading to the full version!
  • Unlock the powerful Polymorph tower for free when you get the Free and full versions!
  • Buy coins to get an extra edge against the invaders!

Fieldrunners 2 and Fieldrunners 2 HD v1.4 Updates

  • Use the Polymorph Tower to turn the fieldrunners into barnyard animals!
  • Download Fieldrunners 2 Free to unlock the Polymorph Tower for free!
  • Lay waste to the invaders with the all new Napalm Tower!
  • Use Santa Strike to delivery enemies their presents. PRESENTS FULL OF BOMBS!
  • Get in the holiday spirit and use the Frostinator to turn enemies into snow men!
  • Fieldrunners 2 HD finally has in app purchases for coins!
  • Fieldrunners 2 for iPhone adds iPhone 5 support!

Original Fieldrunners for iPad Update

  • Fixed achievement and Game Center issues!
  • Support for 32-Bit Graphics!
  • Improved memory optimizations!

Original Fieldrunners Update

  • Less fainting thanks to the removal of OpenFeint!

Introducing: The Santa Strike, Frostinator, Polymorph Tower, and the Napalm Tower!
The wild and crazy scientists at Suba Labs are back with a whole new slew of advanced weaponry! To celebrate the holidays, they've called in their good friend Santa Claus to help fight of the invaders. When you're in a bind, give Old Saint Nick a holler and he'll rush the field with the Santa Strike, dropping presents full of bombs on your enemies! Raising the stakes even higher, players now have access to the Frostinator, which turns fieldrunners into hobbling snow men. Laugh at their futile attempts to strike you with their meager, wooden stick arms!

Not to be outdone by cool, holiday themed items, the kooky scientists at Suba Labs have also created two new weapons! The all new Napalm Tower sprays flames onto the ground, damaging any invaders that dare to walk through them. Meanwhile, the super awesome Polymorph Tower gives players the power to turn their enemies into laughably slow barnyard animals. To encourage tower defense fans to help us spread the word about Fieldrunners 2 Free, we're giving the Polymorph Tower away for free to anyone who downloads both the Free and full version. Help us storm the App Store charts!

About Subatomic Studios
Subatomic Studios, based in Cambridge, MA, is an award-winning independent developer of video games for handheld and mobile devices. Fieldrunners, the studio’s flagship game, combines gorgeous artwork with fine-tuned tower defense gameplay, allowing Subatomic Studios to captivate mobile gamers everywhere with a truly unique entertainment experience. Fieldrunners was first released for the iPhone and iPod Touch, followed by versions for the iPad, the PSP, the Nintendo DSi, BlackBerry, Android, Chrome Web Store, Roku, Gametree TV, and more! Fieldrunners 2, the studio's second game, launched on July 19th for iPhone and iPod Touch, bringing revolutionary tower defense gameplay to a new generation! Fieldrunners 2 received an update that included in app purchases in October, and is now getting a free version today.

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