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The News Dr. Jolt Shocking Its Way Onto iOS Later This Month! (MobileGameWire)



Dr. Jolt Shocking Its Way Onto iOS Later This Month!

Electric Puzzle Game Puts Players in the Lab as They Complete the Circuit Across More than 50 Electrical Experiments

TEL-AVIV – FEBRUARY 11, 2013 – /MobileGameWire/ Side-Kick Games , a studio focused on family and mid-core games, today announced Dr. Jolt, an electrifying new puzzle game that will be coming to iOS later this month. In the game, you help Dr. Jolt activate his crazy contraptions, using your fingertips to generate electricity and create chain reactions and dazzling light shows. The game will be available for free via the App Store for iPad and iPhone 4 and later devices.

“Dr. Jolt is a pick-up and play puzzle game for all ages,” said Guy Bendov, CEO of Side-Kick Games. “We’ve built a very fun and engaging game that people will want to play to the end and already have new levels in the works as we put the finishing touches on our first full game for mobile devices.”

The company also released the first trailer for the game showing off the innovative touch gameplay:



About Dr. Jolt.
As Dr. Jolt Von Elekteberger's new lab assistant, you need to help the brilliant, but disorganized inventor in his lab. Dr. Jolt has come up with a new grand invention, a powerful battery that can store and produce energy from a newly discovered liquid form of electricity! He has set up a series of experiments, but needs your help in testing the new invention so he can see if it's strong enough to convince the scientific community that he has discovered a new clean energy source for the world.

Place relays, focus beams, lightning rods, light detectors and other fantastic objects to achieve your objective – lighting up the lab. Give your mind a quick jolt with this shocking puzzler! With more than 50 mind-bending levels and dozens of unique game objects to play with, Dr. Jolt offers an outstanding gameplay experience. The game features breathtaking 3D graphics and light effects as you solve each puzzle in the lab. Dr. Jolt is free-to-play and easy to pick up and get into the game. As the levels increase, so does the complexity as Dr. Jolt offers a challenge for players of all ages.

About Side-Kick Games
Side-Kick is a family and mid-core games development studio founded in 2007. The company was created by veteran gaming industry entrepreneurs and since its inception, has created games for the Xbox360 Kinect, PCs and tablets for publishers and technology makers. Side-Kick’s close ties with motion control technology pioneers and core technology providers, as well as unparalleled hands-on development experience, provide the company with unique access to faster development cycles and the ability to create ground-breaking games.


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